Hunger Mountain

Summer 2022

Faculty and students in the Writing Program at Vermont College of Fine Arts are the creators of Hunger Mountain. The editors of HM share VCFA’s belief that the arts are central to the human experience and have the ability not only to reflect reality but also to create it. Our masthead changes annually, and our revolving list of faculty editors and contest judges reach into their diverse literary communities to help make them part of ours. This allows for aesthetic flexibility, guided by our steady ethics: promoting voices that have gone unheard, expanding our representation and scope, and critically examining our contemporary culture and our field. We value vulnerability, adventure, and accessibility. Our student readers are the future of the literary world, and all of us take great pride in discovering new voices, as well as publishing the freshest work from established artists.

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Editor in Chief and Fiction Editor
Poetry Editor

Tomás Q. Morín

Creative Nonfiction Editor

Sue William Silverman

Translations Editor

Allison Grimaldi Donahue

Managing Editor

Jonathan Smith

Social Media Specialists

Juliet Way-Henthorne

Nerissa Nields


Amy Kramer

Beck Wren

Erin Andrea

Gina Thayer

Juliet Way-Henthorne

Lois Anne

Marty Ross-Dolen

Mary Beath

Theresa Goenner

Staff Readers

Amanda Murphy

Amy McIntyre Kramer

Andrew Belfry

Anna M. Warrock

Armando Batista

Beck Wren

Benjamin Johnson

Cherryl Jensen

Christopher Goritski

Claire Muraoka

Deanne Battle

Diego Antoni

Duston Spear

Ellie Kaufman

Erin Andrea

Erin Evans

Gina Thayer

Jocelyn Winn

John Carpi

Judy Wachler

Juliet Way-Henthorne

Laci Mosier

Lacy Snapp

Liana Johnson

Lisa M. Barr

Lois Anne

Marty Ross-Dolen

Mary Beath

Maya Asulin

Mishi Saran

Nancy Fagan

Nerissa Nields

Nilsa Rivera

Rowan Buckton

Stephanie Spong

Talley Kayser

Taylor Gianfrancisco

Tess Lloyd

Theresa Goenner

Tommy Baker

Tracy E. Smith

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